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Futsal defense tactics
In futsal a good defense tactic can be the key for achieving positive results, especially when playing against a better team. Every coach has to prepare his team and individual players on several defense tasks. Futsal tactics in defense can be divided into three categories: (a) team tactic (4 players), (b) group tactic (3 or 2 players) and (c) individual tactic (1 player). Click the following link to read the whole article on Futsal defense tactics.
football drills
futsal drills
Thebest-football has lots of soccer (football in Europe) and futsal drills. Soccer drills are divided into sections such as: warm ups, technique, shots and possession. There you can find lots of tips and examples of youth soccer drills. Futsal drills are divided into formations, set pieces, rotations and attacking actions.

Youth soccer drills